Control Panels for Process Heaters

We engineer and manufacture complete control panels. All our panels are compliant with UL 508 and upon request can be UL approved. (UL approval generates additional costs)

Electrical control panels for industrial heaters can be simple panels for just controlling one heating zone or more complex panels with several different heating zones. All control panels include the temperature controller and the power controller (such as relay, SSR or SCR). Upon request we deliver also all types of industrial heaters and temperature sensors. Temperature recording devices are gaining in popularity; they also can be integrated into the electrical control panel.

Before the engineering phase of the project gets started, we need to discuss your process heating application. For example a control panel for air and infrared heaters requires the use of solid state relays or SCR. This thyristor emits heat up to 1.5 watts per ampere, which means the enclosures may need to be ventilated or even cooled. Using thicker wires will also help to avoid excessive heat generated by the wires.

Pricing of the control panel is mainly influenced by: