Quartz Tube Air Heaters Up to 1500° F

Quartz air heaters generate hot air by blowing or pulling air over a heated surface. Using quartz or ceramic as a heated surface, hot air up to 1500 deg F can be produced. The quartz tube air heater is mainly for industrial heating applications, while a ceramic air heater is also used for non-industrial heating applications (like comfort heating). In a quartz air heater, the resistance wire is mounted into a glass (quartz) tube, while a ceramic air heater is a resistance wire embedded into layers of ceramic fiber insulation. We do recommand a SCR for power switching, a PID controller (example: ETR 9090 from Ogden), and a flow / pressure controller to use with this quartz ceramic air heaters. The most common failures of these heaters occur because of insufficient air flow or because the process temperatures sensor is located too far downstream.

This type of heaters are manufactured in two versions; open or nozzled. (shown on the right are both versions of quartz tube air heaters) A nozzled heater can be used for smaller wattage but the heat can be directed to a smaller target. For small target application like soldering (example: medical device packaging), the nozzle diameter can be as small as .065" for airflows of less than 25 SCFH. Common applications for quartz air heaters are:

  • Adhesive curing
  • Heat shrinking
  • Bonding
  • Deflashing molded parts
  • Expoxy curing
  • Water drying
  • Ink drying

Standard Quartz tube air heaters: (as shown on right side). In a compact size of dia .6in and 8.25in long 4650 Watts can be achieved. These are standard quartz air heaters in stock:

  • 001-10001 open, OAL 8.25", max 1850W @ 240V
  • 001-10002 Nozzle, OAL 9.25", max 465W @ 120V
  • 001-10003 open, OAL 9.125", max 850W @ 120V
  • 001-10004 Nozzle, OAL 10.125", max 850W @ 120V
  • 001-10005 open, OAL 5.25", max 240W @ 60V
  • 001-10006 Nozzle, OAL 6.25", max 240W @ 60V
  • 001-10007 open, OAL 5.25", max 480W @ 60V
  • 001-10008 Nozzle, OAL 6.25", max 480W @ 60V
  • 001-10009 open, OAL 8.25", max 4650W @ 240V
  • 001-10010 Nozzle, OAL 9.25", max 1150W @ 120V

Calculate the wattage needed for your industrial heater to find out how many watts you need for your heating application.

Example of airflow for nozzled and open heater (001 style):

These quartz tube air heaters are single-pass air heaters. For more efficiency and higher wattages, a triple pass air heaters (where the air is preheated before passing through element) are also available. View pictures of industrial air heaters here.


Quartz Tube Air Heater

 Quartz Air Heater open and with nozzle