Infrared Ovens and Furnaces

We proudly represent Casso Solar in Southern California.
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In the 1960’s, infrared heat processing systems were in their infancy. The technology was limited to metal sheath heaters, simple tubular quartz heaters and lamps, and ineffiecient gas heaters. Recognizing the deficiencies, they brought to the market a high output, high efficient flat quartz panel heater. The Casso Solar heater was the first infrared electric heater that was compact, efficient, easy to install, easy to control and provided excellent operating life.
Casso Solar has its own in-house engineering staff and manufacturing capabilities. Using the in-house laboratory combined with the wast infrared experience, they are capable of offering the most efficient / cost effective approach for each product.
Today’s main infrared applications:

  • Glass Industry
  • Powder Coating
  • Curing and Drying of paint, food

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Building an infrared oven

inside an infrared oven