Finned Tubular or Strip Heaters

Finned heaters (tubular or strip) are used for temperatures up to 500 deg F and handle 450 - 1700 FPM allowing 35 - 70 watts per square inch up to 400kW. These type of heaters are used for comfort heating, drying, in ripening rooms, forced air dryers, recirculating ovens and heating of cryogenic exhaust gases. The maximum sheath temperature is 850 deg F, but the airflow will cool down the outlet air temperature to max. 500 deg F. If higher temperatures are required, a tubular heater with no fins or a quartz / ceramic air heater is the choice. The outlet temperature can be as high as 1200 deg F and the airflow is typically from 240 - 2200 FPM. These types of heaters are used for recirculating ovens, drying or curing ovens, heat treating, annealing or dehumidification. Heaters installed in a forced air duct, are commonly known as duct heaters.

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Convection ovens (example: your stove), mounted into a duct.

Tubular Heater

Tubular Heater