Technical Papers

General Infrared Know How

How Infrared Works Basic introduction to Infrared process heating. The article details the relationship between wavelength and temperature, and where Infrared can be used effectively.
Emissivity Values Table Table with emissivity values for different materials, absorption curves and other helpful information for the process engineer about Infrared / radiant heating

Heating with Infrared

Taking the Mystery Out of Infrared Heating These 10 tips can help answer your questions about radiant or Infrared heating and whether it is the right process for you.
Selecting Infrared Wavelength Selecting the right wavelength takes into consideration the material thickness, spectral absorption, coatings and process goals.
Drying & Curing with Infrared This article describes the different Infrared heaters used in the drying and curing industry.
How Can Infrared Save my Company Money? Analyzing the complete process cost helps you understand the potential thermal energy savings
Charts for Infrared Heating This charts compares temperature, peak wavelength and color
Radiation Temperature Charts  

Temperature Measuring with Infrared

Infrared thermometers also known as Pyrometers These 61 slides from Williamson explain the basic principals of infrared thermometers / pyrometers / spectralmeters
Infrared Thermometer Basic Presentation Slides Thermal Energy, Infrared Energy and Temperature
How to Compensate for Interferences with an Infrared Thermometer ExtraSensory Perception (ESP). A rule of thumb for applying infrared temperature sensors suggests that 20% of the problem is picking the right sensor; and 80% is installing it correctly
Infrared Energy, Emissivity, Reflection & Transmission Infrared Basics Infrared Energy, Emissivity, Reflection & Transmission
Single-, Dual- and Multi-wavelength IR Thermometer Infrared Thermometers, Brightness Sensors, Ratio Sensors, Multi-Variant Sensors
Advantages of Short Wavelength Infrared Sensors Sensor Technology Summary

General Information Regarding Process Heating

Design Consideration of a Thermal Systems  Thermal System Design, Components
Guidelines for Determining Process Heating Requirements  
Process Heating Application Examples Samples with explanation of industrial heating application
Quick Estimates for Thermal Wattage Requirements  
Selection of Temperature Control This helps you understand the basic function of a temperature controller
Watt Density and Operating Temperature Guidelines for Various Materials  
Physical Properties of Materials

This is the information you need to figure out the wattage you need for your application

Determine Watt Density for Immersion Heaters Knowing the maximum watt density for immersion heaters is critical.
Terminal Enclosures Description This chart answers questions about the different types of terminals on process heaters

Energy Saving

Property Comparison Chart for Press Insulation Materials

Using insulation material on presses helps reduce operating cost.


Principles of Distillation Understand the basics of how solvent distillation and solvent recycling work

Electrical Data

Electrical Connection Drawings Wiring schematics for connecting electric heaters