Strip Heaters

General description:
The flat shape of strip heaters provides greater surface area of length than round elements which means equipment can be designed with more wattage in less linear space. Or by replacing a round element with a strip heater of the same length, the watt density can be significantly reduced. In immersion applications, the narrow profile increases the natural convective flow of fluids, resulting in lower sheath temperature and improved heat transfer to the process.

Different geometrical sizes of strip heaters are available.

Main constructions:

High Density Strip Heaters
The highly compacted refractory material quickly conducts heat from the resistance wire to the sheath resulting in low internal temperatures and long heater life.

Mighty-Tuff Strip Heaters
This heater is for high temperatures, extreme watt densities and quick response times.

Mica Strip Heaters
This is a versatile, efficient and economical solution. These elements are used in hot plates, sealing equipment, hot stamping, dies and molds.

Channel Heaters

A NiChrom wire is strung through and supported by a ceramic core. Refractory material is vibrated through the remaining air voids to provide good thermal conductivity.

Industrial Strip Heater
Industrial Finned Strip Heater