Printed Circuit Heaters, Thick Film Heaters

Due to its light weight construction, this type of heater is a preferred choice where space and weight limitations exists (like the in the aircraft industry). This polyimide thermo foil is also known as Kapton®. (Kapton® is a product of DuPont.) The etched foil construction provides fast and efficient thermal throughput. The maximum operating temperature is 390°F which is slightly lower than that of silicone rubber heaters. The material is usually yellow, but can have other colors depending on thickness.

The manufacturing of these heaters is comparable to the manufacturing process of printed circuits. The heat distribution is better than on a wire wound heating element; which means watt densities of 15 watts per square inch can be achieved.

Application examples:

  • prevent moisture in electronics
  • test equipment for printed circuits
  • satellite components
  • aircraft electronics
  • applications requiring a flexible shape or design

custom kapton heater