Quartz Tube & T3 Halogen Lamps

General Description:

Infrared thermal technology is very efficient and cost effective and the use can be traced to many products. The fast transmission of infrared energy from quartz tubes and Halogen lamps can be a perfect match between production speed and cost control. (see table below compairing different infrared energy emitters) A quartz glass tube or halogen lamp (also known as T3 lamps) is an assembly consisting of a filament (Tungsten) placed in a quartz tube or lamp, where the air is evacuated and filled with inert gases like Nitrogen and Argon. A small amount of halogen gas is usually added to prolong infrared heater life. Therefore the different names (Halogen lamp, Quartz halogen lamp).

Quartz glass lamps were originally designed for lighting applications, but when a lamp is at full power less than 5% of the emitted energy is in the visible spectrum. The other 95% are emitted in the infrared spectrum. The filament temperature is up to 2500 degF, which produces infrared energy in the short to medium wavelength. Delta T is also offering for temperature measuring.

These infrared emitters require a phase fired (as opposed to a zero cross) power control (SCR) with soft start capability to handle the inrush current.

Infrared Applications for quartz tubes and T3 lamps

With up to 200 watts per linear inch, wavelength in the short to medium range, reach of full temperature in less than a second, these infrared quartz heaters are used in various applications. (examples: glass manufacturing, food processing, environmental chambers)For increased wattage (click here to see how to calculate wattage), quartz tubes can be constructed in duo tube version. These quartz infrared tubes produce more wattage per linear inch than any other heating element.

Duo-Tube Quartz heaters

Casso Solar duo tubes are available with a dual coat integral gold reflective coating or an integral white refractory that directs the infrared energy to the product without the need for external reflectors. The gold coating is the most efficient reflective material for all infrared energy up to 1400 degF. The white refractory will provide a wider infrared emission spectrum and is suitable for up to 1750 degF. The gold coated duo tube quartz heaters are significantly more expensive then the refractory style. Here is the product brochure P106 with pictures. You will need a phase angle SCR with soft start capability as a power controller.

Below is an overview over the different infrared emitters

comparison of radian heaters



Quartz Radiant Heater

quartz tube infrared heaters in clamshell


Different terminations for quartz tubes and lamps.